Time to put away the Christmas tree

It was time.   Treebeard no doubt took it hard, but the old christmas tree had done its part.  A few weeks indoors for the holiday season,  a few months next to the bird feeder, and this last month tucked in the back corner of the yard waiting to jump onto the compost pile.  At least this year no nests were disrupted.  Leaving the old tree laying around often results in a little nest made by some determined bird.  I must have been early this year, or there were better places to build the nest !

Out came the loping shears and off came the branches.  Pile the branches into the wheel barrow and make like a loping Cuisinart, lottsa little branch pieces.  Into the compost pile and put the rainguard on top.  Put the old trunk on top for a counter weight to the wind.

Maybe Treebeard did not take it so hard after all.  Christmas tree did not end up in a landfill.  He is still hanging around the yard, even if he is having a little more trouble than old scarecrow.

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