Counting Seeds

It is seed counting time.   The garden is resting… mostly.

The garden was abloom this summer.  There are plenty of seeds to show for it.   Way too many for the spots where they might be planted next spring.  Still enough to be well worth planting.  Enough to get me back into the garden next spring…  even a few times during the winter.

16 days till solstice,  105 days till spring…. but who is counting.

And yes the Dayton Midwest Hybridizers meeting was awsome.

No time for hibrination


PS – if you are terribly bored and have the bandwith and a few minutes here is a link to some of this summer’s blooms

1 thought on “Counting Seeds

  1. Water Garden Plants

    very nice garden, we are in Canton, Ohio and winter looks like its going to be hard and tough. I should video our nursery plants to cheer up in the winter! Happy gardening even if you have to dream it for a few months.


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