The rain has…stopped ? well how about slowed down… ?

As too many folks know it has been a wet season.  We will let that cover both spring and the start of summer.   Record breaking weather is seldom fun.  In spite of it all the plants have come through fine.  Things are starting to bloom here.  By things I mean daylilies.  Yes the iris and peonies were fun and they have come and gone.  Like wise the lupines.  Now for the next several months it is the turn of the daylilies.

Usually the starting date here in northern Ohio is the beginning of July.  Last year things were a full month early.  This year it is about a week and a half early.  What ever the reason I am ready to enjoy it.

Here is the first one to bloom in our garden.  It is a kid out of Stella’s Ruffled Fingers crossed with one of my other seedlings.  Enjoy.daylily seedling

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