Excuse me.   Is that a ponderous pulchritudinous pachyderm in your garden?  ( Now if that doesn’t dislocate your auditory nerve nothing will )   What ever are you talking about?  That.  That flower over there !   Oh that.  Why didn’t you say so.

That is just a Pigment of (your) Imagination !  Come back later and it will perplex you again.  What ?  Well if you come back later you will wonder where the flower you were looking at has gone.  Because it will have changed.

It is not often that you find a flower that changes color before the florist can get his hands on it.  Yet Pigment of Imagination does just that.   Over the course of the day it becomes for lack of a better term a fading violet.   No it is not shy.  And it does not just loose its purple.  Pigment of Imagination reveals different layers of color as it changes.  So at this point you are wondering where is this flower ?

Daylily - changing color through the course of the day

No it is not magic, or any chemical additive.  This daylily changes its color as the day goes on.   So believe your eyes.  It is not a figment of your imagination, it is indeed Pigment of Imagination.

Thanks to Richard Norris of Ashwood Gardens for the use of these images.  And even more for creating this beautiful daylily.





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