what to do

Seedlings raise many new questions.  Not the least of which is what comes next ?  Is there a way forward with this one or that ?  Or should two seedlings be crossed to each other ?

Here are two.  One has been in the garden for a few years.  The other bloomed this year.  And it bloomed with a twist.  First the familiar one.  It is a cross of Cerulean Star and Sings the Blues.  Quite interesting to me.

It took the bloom size and plant height from Cerulean Star and some of the color and pattern from Sings the Blues.  It also took on the broader petals from Sings the Blues.  As the song goes applies here, you can’t always get what you want.  Skinnier petals would have been a nice addition.  Then again that is part of the challenge and mystique of the game.

The second seedling is from a cross of   (Black Plush x Trahlyta) x Wind Frills.   The day it caught my attention it looked like this.

There is a gray blue eye band just before the green center of the bloom.  That is what caught my attention.  That was the surprise.  None of its parents have shown this trait.  In fact this was the one and only day this plant showed the eye zone with the grey blue band.   The rest of the summer it did not appear on any of the other blooms.  Something about that one day brought out the band of color.

And now the question becomes what to do with this plant.   There is not just one answer.  And I have some time to think of the possibilities.   Hopefully next summer one of the answers will be to bring  (Black Plush x Trahlyta) x Wind Frills together with Cerulean Star x Sings the Blues.  And let them look deeply into each other’s eyes.

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