After a Moonlit Masquerade

What comes after a Moonlit Masquerade ?  Many things can come of a masquerade, moonlit or not.   However in this case Wild Horses would be one of the acceptable answers.  Keep in mind it was a seven year wait.  Moonlit Masquerade was introduced in 1993.    Wild Horses did not debut until 1999.

They are both here in the garden.   On screen the flowers may look very similar.  In the garden their differences are more obvious.  Moonlit Masquerade is 26 inches high and has a 5.5 inch bloom.   Wild Horses is a full foot higher at 37 inches and has a 7 inch bloom.

So the answer is no, Wild Horses is not trying to look just like its parent.  In the garden it is easy to see that Wild Horses is a longer and leaner petaled flower.

Both are pretty and I expect both to stay here in the garden for quite a while.

2 thoughts on “After a Moonlit Masquerade

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