Caution – birds and bees at work

Actually they were booked in another garden so we just had to make do with two daylilies and one crazed gardener playing romantic music.   The two flowers are pod parent Embassy and pollen parent seedling B-110-A  SH( WEB 5303 x Tremor) x Tet Skinwalker).    Now that might seem like a long name for a seedling.  But that is the notes of its history.  B-110 is the number assigned by the original grower, A is a letter I gave it to identify it from two siblings.  SH is the original grower’s initials.  Web 5303 is another seedling that was crossed with Tremor.  The seedling from that cross was crossed in turn with Tetraploid Skinwalker.  TMI – yes.  Too much information.  It would be simpler to say ‘we shook the dice well’.

Here is a picture of the two parents.   Embassy is the dark short petaled flower on the left.

Embassy is a 5 inch flower and the seedling B110 is about 10 inches across.  This what comes of the mix.

So now we have a new seedling with even a longer series of notations.  Embassy x (B110 A…..   I will have to do a bit of guessing as I never measured the flower when it bloomed.  Put it at about 7 or 8 inches across.

In the spirit of too much information – or too much bloom – this is a look at the pollen parent on a different day

Daylilies can pinch and twist on different days.  So this too may be passed on to the new seedling.

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