Be thankful for the time between puns

This is a time to be thankful.  Tomorrow will be Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the day and be with your friends and loved ones.

Now if we can just get some turkey to not beleaguer us with puns or maybe just go away.  Well maybe then we can be thankful for a day without punishing humor.  Enough of these odds and ends about puns.

What happuns after puns is of course daylilies.  Even if the posts happuns mostly in the wee small hours of night.

The daylily for tonight is ODDS AND ENDS.   Something purple and beautiful.  There are two pictures of this tetraploid daylily.  The first is the usual view with three petals and three sepals behind the petals.  This is the classic daylily form.  Three and three.

The second is what is known as a poly or polymerous.  It is four petals and four sepals.  Both are pretty.  And both are from the same plant, taken just a day or two apart.  And as you can also see the purple can change from day to day too.

So much for ODDS AND ENDS and puns and funs for this early morning.  Enjoy Thanksgiving.


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