Oh so not fading away

Two weeks to the solstice.  Counting the days, when we make the turn and the days start to grow longer again.   This is a seedling from this summer’s garden.  A first year bloom.  It was flagged and saved.  Moved to an evaluation bed.   First year blooms can be misleading.  They sometimes show things that do not return again.  Good thing that it has been tagged and flagged.  So if it does become a changeling we can remember how it looked and compare.   For now the words marvelous and not fading seem to do just fine….DSCF2243The cross is Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein.  We can slowly procede, the solstice, the winter, and days of spring.  We can wait for this beauty to return and grace the garden.  We can….

PS – Lavendar and dark purple mixed together do make pink – do they not ????

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