Other vintages

Black Plush is a parent for 43 other daylilies.   Three of them grow here in our garden.  Eggplant Ecstasy, Android, and Dark Counter Point.  Android is new here and I am just beginning to explore some of the possibilities.  There are seeds waiting to be planted from this year’s crosses with Android.  Eggplant Ecstasy has many seedlings growing here.  This is just one of many.10-006 Talon x Eggplant EcstasyDark Counterpoint is a daylily that was grown from seed here in my garden.  It is a cross of Black Plush x Bark At Me.  It is one of those daylilies that does not fade.  It does the opposite.  It usually gets darker over the course of the day.Dark CounterpointWith daylilies the first taste does not take as long as wine.  They can be sampled often during their second year.  And they do improve with age.

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