a daylily for dreaming

and for reality.  Flying Carpet is a daylily for both.  It is a pretty daylily that I can sit back and dream what this flower can do in the garden.  And it is a practical daylily that people have crossed with other daylilies creating more and varied daylilies for the garden.  There are 26 daylilies that have been registered so far having Flying Carpet as a parent.  Links below.

flying carpet

So take a little dream and ride on a Flying Carpet.  Make it 33 blooms until spring.

Some of Flying Carpet’s 26 children are linked here.

Angie Alabama    Evening Eye Shadow     Mr Martin                Rousseau                 Strawberry Lane

Arianna’s Aria      Bizzo                              Old King Cole        Royal Rendezvous    Toccata and Fugue

Bizzo                 Greywoods Java Illusion   Olivia’s Opera       Samurai Sword       Tyrolean Treasure

Book of Magic   Lord of Illusions                 Pinhill Tall Goddess    Smoky Bandit

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