a granddaughter and another Flying Carpet seedling

One more granddaughter, the youngest, and one more Flying Carpet seedling to share.   This cross is similar to Arianna’s Aria.  Instead of Pygmy Plum this one involves Pygmy Pirate crossed with Flying Carpet.   The color pick this time is again pink.  Since Olivia was very young at the time the choice was made by her sisters.  Being strong willed young ladies they chose and chose very well.   In the process they even managed to over rule a suggestion by their elders.  This indeed was the proper choice of pink for their sister !   Olivia’s Opera

olivias operaMake it 27 more blooms until spring arrives.  Make it pink and make it the somewhat rare for this blossom polymerous bloom.

4 thoughts on “a granddaughter and another Flying Carpet seedling

  1. woodlandgnome

    That is a truly gorgeous flower in every respect. And it looks like it generously produces lots of buds. How special for your granddaughters to grow up with namesake flowers, and a grandfather to share love for horticulture with them. Best wishes, WG


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