mixing the glow

These two flowers are Little Rainbow and Open Hearth.  They both have their own glows.  Little Rainbow is a two inch mixture of pink and yellow.  Open Hearth is a 9 inch combination of red and yellow.   One little and one very big, and both with a very flat open star shaped form.

littlerainbow open hearth sbsRainbow Afterglow is one of the children of this cross.  A little bigger than

Little Rainbow both in bloom size and height, and actually taller than either parent.

rainbow afterglow detNow the question is ‘was this a “safe” cross, like to like’ or something more adventurous ?  And more importantly what beauties should I be looking to introduce to Rainbow Afterglow ?  Oh –  and can I remember this question this summer when the glow hits my eyes?

3 thoughts on “mixing the glow

  1. Rebecca Blubaugh

    John, not being one who gets really excited about blended colors I would strike out in the direction of the dominate color and try to maintain that glow, but that is me. For you it may be more important to work on flower form and adding movement. Bro Charles had a thing for these glowing, blended colors, so there should be a wealth of them around, but few are SPUF in form, so that might be an area you could work on. I have a feeling come bloom time the right mates will show themselves and you’ll automatically pair them up just right!

    I often tend to be a “Sight” dabber, in that if I see a couple of blooms that look like they might work well together, that’s what I cross. I also see traits that should be added and try to work that in as well. It’s really not easy for me to tell someone how I go about matching up the different varieties/seedlings I have used for crosses. Brian Mahieu once told me I was an “Instinctual” dabber and that may be it. I do know a certain fellow in Lithuania has some pretty amazing seedlings from my crosses!

    1. John Hric Post author

      Rebecca , Thanks for the thoughts on crosses. The sight crossing intuition often strikes at the expense of any planned crosses. I do like the ideas you have offered. Oh and if you have any pictures of those Lithuanian crosses I would very much enjoy seeing them.


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