a little garden mythology

Many cultures have myths covering this subject – shape shifting.  Is there a myth behind the flower that holds a similar name ?   Take a look and decide for yourself if it is lore or just plain nature at work.   Shape Shifter a flower by Ned Roberts.

shape shifter It is an 8 inch bloom.  Probably more when it is uncurled.  This I think is a myth best seen, so I will let the picture handle things and set the verbal description aside.

5 thoughts on “a little garden mythology

      1. barbarastanley

        We have Lady Slippers, Rattlesnake plantain, Yellow Mandarin, Turk’s Cap Lily, Adam & Eve orchid, but the flower really reminded me of the Trout Lily.

  1. Rebecca Blubaugh

    The database doesn’t list parentage, but I have to wonder if SS is out of Ned’s BARK AT ME? It seldom looks the same way twice and I believe Ned might have referred to it as a shape shifter at times. May SPUFs have a tendency to have alternate movement depending on temperature, humidity, etc. Ned was very interested in and I am thinking involved in Native American Folklore and many of his introductions have names garnered from the culture and lore. KOKOPELLI is one that jumps to mind immediately! As for “myth behind the flower of the same name (SHAPE SHIFTER), no myth per-say, only in the natural tendency of each bloom to have differing movement from bloom to bloom as well as day to day.

    That’s my story and I’m stickin to it!

    1. John Hric Post author

      Rebecca, Thank you for your thoughts! Perhaps Bark At Me is in the genetic mix of Shape Shifter. I would not be at all surprised. It makes me want to cross it with another one with movement. Walking The Pattern is out of Orchid Corsage and has at times put some moves on its children. So it or one of its children may just ‘cross’ Shape Shifter’s path. And for sure Bark At Me must come out of its neglected corner, even if it is only the pollen that is coming out! So many flowers and so little garden space for seeds !


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