catching up with witches

you can’t catch up with witches, at least not if they are using broom power… however we know better than to try to compete on that level.  we are merely resuming the topic of pretty witch named daylilies.  this morning’s witch is Salem Witch, a lovely purple round flower.

salem witch det

11 thoughts on “catching up with witches

    1. John Hric Post author

      Michele, Salem Witch was hybridized by Steve Moldovan. There are several internet sources for it over the internet. And there may be some local gardens where you could purchase this flower. Daylilies are shipped bare root. A plant like Salem Witch you should expect to get a double fan for roughly $10 plus shipping. Try searching for daylily “salem witch” and you should find several sellers. Thanks for visiting and reblogging my post !

  1. thesalemgarden

    Reblogged this on The Salem Garden and commented:
    Check out this beautiful daylily named the Salem Witch… I’m not sure if the gardener, who specializes in day lilies bred it or not, but I just inquired about it’s availability. I think that my garden would love this plant!

  2. Rebecca Blubaugh

    John, what a lovely Moldovan intro! I checked the parentage and see it was (also) from Munson, one of Steve’s favorite breeders – he certainly used a lot of Bill’s work in developing his own lines. I could use this one in my full form Tet lines, specifically with my DESTINED TO SEE crosses. Maybe we can get together on swapping pollen or something this bloom season.


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