what daylilies do when daylilies do

Oh yes daylilies do.  Well gardens aren’t always sedate.  Though it would seem they are mostly discrete.  Here are two daylilies that did.  Fortunately they were mostly discrete so they have not been evicted from the garden.  This is Little Rainbow and Open Hearth.  Little Rainbow is a small 2 inch flower, pink, yellow and dainty.   Just a bit of the full rainbow, yet enough of the rainbow to make us stop and look.  And look again.  Open Hearth is from another part of the garden.  It is a 9 inch bloom and a firey mix of red and yellow.  Someone must have been out of control when these two were put together.  Remember that is a great dane standing next to that tea cup chihuahua !

lr x oh sbs

Of course this means that the result of this unusual union will be taller than either parent and the bloom will be size wise somewhere between the two parents.  This is the result… Rainbow Afterglow, a 4 inch bloom on a 32 inch tall plant.

rainbow afterglow det_2

So do watch where you step in the garden.  Nature is at work.

2 thoughts on “what daylilies do when daylilies do

    1. John Hric Post author

      My only wish is that Little Rainbow bloomed a bit longer. It is such a gorgeous little flower that I expect many others to become orphans from this garden and that Little Rainbow will remain. Given the fact that it loves to accept pollen from just about any other plant also increases its odds of staying too. So I like it, and I like it…. yes very very much.


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