find a picture… carry on

Yes we  need a picture.  And yes we need to carry on with the garden.  There is still very much to do.   The driveway project got in the way of garden tasks.  The seeds for this year’s plants need to go through the final sorting and get planted.  And there are a few more plants that need to be moved to their summering spot.  Right now they are sitting above ground waiting to be planted.   And there are a few last new plants still on their way here to the garden.   Which means that when they arrive a small game of musical chairs will ensue.   One plant will have to come out and the new arrival will get planted there.  The other plant will stay in the garden, most likely in a less choice spot.  Then there are the new name tags to make for the new plants and the keeper seedlings.  And a few other dozen tasks that need to be done….   carry on !

In the mean time a picture of a seedling and its parents.  The seedling….

prague spring x fol de rol

and the parents,  Fol de Rol and Prague Spring.

fdr n ps sbs

11 thoughts on “find a picture… carry on

    1. John Hric Post author

      MM, I do imagine it can be done. However if by nursery you mean a commercial concern you have gotten the wrong impression. This is a home garden on an urban lot. A slightly deep urban lot. It measures 45 feet x 270 feed, call it 14 x 82 meters. Most of the grass has been made into garden. And the weeds and garden waste go into a good size compost pile. Here is a shot of the yard
      and if you look at the back of this one, the compost pile

      1. Multifarious meanderings

        WOW, that is just beautiful 😀 THANK YOU! By “nursery”, I was using a non-horticultural take on the place where you keep your babies…. You seem to be as much a parent as a horticulturist, form what I can gather! I really enjoy your blog, even though I know nothing about plants and have a very bad relationship with anything green that doesn’t go directly into my plate. I am in the middle of writing a post about the topic- do you mind if I mention you in it?

      2. John Hric Post author

        MM, You are welcome. Thanks for your take on ‘nursery’ – I was not sure. And it is much easier to ask. And yes you may mention me. Though I think have already crossed that bridge so to speak. Nice of you to ask though. 😉

  1. Rebecca Blubaugh

    First, I am impressed by your “back yard”, which is probably bigger than the entire lot my house sets on! Simple breathtaking!

    Now then, this seedling is amazing! While it reminds me of one of Bob Wilson’s intro’s (NEWBOLD NAVAJO FEATHER), this one of yours is more sophisticated, no doubt due to FOL de ROL, another long wished for and never attained spider.

    Shows how well my memory works! But then at my age a lot of things remind me of other things (people and places as well) that I have seen before!

    1. John Hric Post author

      Rebecca, Bob’s NEWBOLD NAVAJO FEATHER is an awsome looking bloom. As for my Prague Spring x Fol de Rol it is what it is. Pretty yes. I don’t think the bloom is over 6 inches and it gets its height from Prague Spring. While this is from memory and not from measure put it about 26 inches. The Fol de Rol genes may take it back higher next generation. Will have to wait and see. All that said I am glad you like it. And in closing – I hear your complaint. No matter where: space the final frontier…. especially for daylily growers. …now to find another picture.

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