Dark pink peony

This is one of the dark pink peonies that bloom here.  They are a bold full flower.   The daylilies continue to send up bloom scapes.

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11 thoughts on “Dark pink peony

  1. Rebecca Blubaugh

    The peony has been in cultivation for some 4,000 years and is perhaps one of the hardiest of all perennials. IMy only trgtrat is that I do not have yard space top grow them properly or more than the two I have. One needs to be moved as it is now getting too much shade to bloom well and the Hot Pink single I have (possible SEA SHELL (Sass, 192 something!) I would love to have one of the “Tree Peonies”, the fern-leafed type!

    Daylily bloom season has begun here in Zone 5 with the opening of the FFO on one of my plantings of STELLA D’ORO. ITSY BITSY SPIDER is putting out scapes as are several others and Saturday I saw a scape on one of my year old seedlings from IBS X “Stella’s Daughter”.

    1. John Hric Post author

      Rebecca, I think the first open will be Moonlit Masqerade, say another five days. But who is counting ? Rrrrrright…..

      Most if not all 5 SRF kids are now showing scapes along with Stella’s Ruffled Fingers. We got our peonies from my sister in law. Good thing we got them early on, otherwise the daylilies would have won out there too.

      1. Rebecca Blubaugh

        I have a 12-13 month old seedling with a scape! Also saw a scape on KINDLY LIGHT and it’s in a pot and I really didn’t think it had recovered enough from the deplorable growing conditions of the shade bed to bloom!

      2. Rebecca Blubaugh

        Since ground space got scare here I have always grown several of my seedlings in pot and new arrivals as well, but try to get them in the ground in time for autumn rains so they can get root growth going before everything shuts down.

        The seedlings were all started in May/June of last year and wintered over in community pots after one transplanting. Those that survived winter and the Squirrels were re-potted back in March and April when we had some warm days. I did have to recycle 90% of the medium though and only add what I could from where I sized down the mulch pile. I am waiting on payday now so I can actually buy some potting soil so I can transplant the Amaryllis seedlings and then, MAYBE sow a few DL seeds for next spring. I found a few years back that it didn’t make a big difference between sowing in pots outside in April-Mat or under lights in January, so I stopped with the indoor sowing. I did sell a clump of SURPRISINGLY PINK so I could get some soil. Now I need to have the neighbors save their nursery pots for me! I used to get all of the pots I needed fro a landscape outfit down the road from me, until they went belly up. Now I need to locate a new source for used pots!

        Oh, the cross is ITSY BITSY SPIDER X “Stella’s Daughter” (did I already tell you??) I hope to be some near UF out of the ross and I have a dozen seedlings from that cross and more from 2 other IBS crosses, one with BRER RABBITS BABY (hope to get away from yellow with that line) but then another using EENIE WEENIE (it wants to be a UF anyway, so IBS should be able to skinny it down some. Hope I can use some of my other small bloomers this season. Don’t have many, but I do have a few nice ones.

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