Mysteria wisteria

This wisteria vine went missing a few years back.  We thought it was gone for sure.  Then a couple of years ago it came back.  And it seems to be doing okay now.   Kinda like last night’s post.



Wisteria can be a fickle plant.  Some years blooming wonderfully and others blooming hardly at all.   And here it is in the yard, off to the left.  And yes the daylilies are putting out leaf and  pushing up bloom scapes.   If you are inclined to squint real hard there are some in the foreground just to the right of the path.

yard det

7 thoughts on “Mysteria wisteria

    1. John Hric Post author

      very soon I will have new pictures as daylilies reclaim the summer ! not that I am itchy or counting or focussed on just one thing….


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