Rain rain

Rain in the morning and rain at the end of the day, with sunshine in between.  It actually worked out to be a pretty good day.   Just bookends rain instead lots of rain.  We are getting close to peak bloom.  Somewhere in the next week or so almost everything daylily wise will be in bloom.  And today was a good day to start weeding the seed beds.  Keep the weeds from getting out of control and smothering the new seedlings.   And the seeds planted just a few weeks ago are starting to come up.  The look like tiny blades of grass right now, just sticking up a few inches from the ground.  With all this rain they should grow well.  And it makes the weeds easier to pull too.  The rain is coming down fairly good again now.   It chased us into the house a bit before sunset and it has been drizzling or raining all night so far.  Now if the weather person is to be believed there is more sunshine and less rain in the forecast in the coming days.  Here is one of the plants that started blooming today.  It is called Skinwalker and the name comes from Native American legends.    It is a graceful plant.  The bloom is about 8 inches across, about the size of a dinner plate.  Tomorrow if the rains cooperate I will try to get a picture of the weeded seed bed and the itsy bitsy blades of grass like seedlings.

skwlkr det

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