down shift and change gears

The garden season is moving from one phase to another.  While it may seem abrupt it is not a clean break.  Many plants are completely done blooming.    And they are now in the process of maturing the seed pods.  There are other plants that are reblooming and a very few that are just coming into their first bloom.  Compared to a week or two ago the garden looks bare.

yard aug 13The rebloom is there to enjoy.  And the green tags that were not so obvious when everything was blooming now highlight the ripening seed pods.

reblm pink det

And here and there the occasional bloom.  Everything moves in cycles.

reblm purple det

8 thoughts on “down shift and change gears

      1. woodlandgnome

        I hope it gets a name and is introduced to the market. What color! The reblooming ones are always special. I have reblooming iris- daylilies are deer candy in my garden. So sad, but I have enjoyed viewing yours.

      2. John Hric Post author


        Glad you are enjoying them. The deer are creatures of habit. So if you can break their habit before the season begins they may leave your plants alone. As for the purple rebloomer it does melt a bit on the hot days. So I am not sure it is one that will be introduced. I will have to try crossing it to some other things. And hope that the rebloom continues in those plants.

      3. woodlandgnome

        Yes, you are correct on the deer. I was able to enjoy a few daylilies this summer for the very first time. The wild variety grows here in abundance, but the buds mostly get chomped. A few got to open this year. A never ending journey on getting it, “just right”. By the way, this is woodland gnome, not Annie.;-)

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