A new moving day

It looks like there will be some major moves in the garden this fall and coming spring.  The garden beds are going to be rearranged more than a bit.   Often when the gardens have been enlarged not all of the short plants have been moved up front and the tallest moved to the back.  So there are several that need to be rescued and moved where they can be viewed and reached for hybridizing.  Others need to be moved to other locations so that more of the hybridizing plants are close together.  I think I can hear the alleged apprentice burying the shovels now.  Plants like Bark At Me that I want to use for hybridizing are buried back by the fence and out of reach.   That is going to be corrected.

Bark At Me detSo for now the short plants that need to move and that can be reached will be the first ones moved.  Then as the ripened pods are harvested and out of the way the other plants will be moved too.  Yes those tags mean that I did finally reach Bark At Me.  But it was not nearly as often as I wanted.  Life a series of adjustments.  And double oh yes, there will be a few more dents in the lawn.  Awe shucks !


5 thoughts on “A new moving day

  1. Rebecca Blubaugh

    John, that’s exactly what I am going to be doing, after I finish getting these seedlings in the ground. I have about half of my seedlings planted plus 8 or 9 cultivar that are going in the last row of the seedling bed where they will stay until the have recovered and then they;ll go into the big section or I;l just get rid of them . There’s going to be a lot of really good looking Daylilies in this town by the time I give everything away! Then I will have to put the back yard back to grass. What fun that’s going to be! NOT! I’m already envisioning the seedling bed next season when most of the show their maiden blooms. Nearly all of the seedlings have at lease 2 small side fans and a couple have even more! It’s gonna be awesome!

    1. John Hric Post author

      Dan, I am not sure how apparent the change will be, especially with my photography skills, though they are getting a bit better. Mainly think of it as a pallete improvement. I will be changing out the ‘colors’ that I am not working with and making room for those that I am hoping to use. The hope is it minimizes the semi annual chaos of moving day. Time alone will tell if the plan works as well as it is intended.

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