what do you see ?

Can we just skip the words and go straight to the visual ?

fol de rol det 002

fol de rol det 001

15 thoughts on “what do you see ?

    1. John Hric Post author

      Jean, There are some 550 named varieties. And at any given time about twice as many seedlings. The seedlings keep changing each year as a new batch of 3rd year seedlings are selected ( and deselected ) and other new seedlings start blooming. And you are very welcome. It would be absolutely no fun to hide them away.

    1. John Hric Post author

      Jim, Generally there are 6 radials, Some plants are noted for slipping in an extra radial or two. Likewise some seasons are noted for generating conditions that promote the extra radials. I have seen plants with as many as 12 radials and as few as two radials. Though at that point they often don’t quite look like radials. As for the crosses – yes there are often surprising results. They can range from a jump in branching, to color change, to change in flower form. There is a lot of genetic variety hiding in the 22 chromosomes of the daylily.

      1. John Hric Post author

        You are welcome. And so are the questions. As for the extra radials – in the daylily world they are referred to as poly. Search for poly here on the blog and you will see a few.

  1. Rebecca

    The original question was “what do you see”? I see a greatly improved version of MISS JESSIE. I can also see traits of BARK AT ME as well as others whose names escape me! I see a purple Chevron with feathering and I see a bloom that may possibly be fragrant and as for “class”, crispate UF.

    Not bad, John, not bad at all!

    1. John Hric Post author

      Hi Rebecca,

      This is not one of mine. It is a registered plant. Fol de Rol to be specific. I was not trying to be misleading. I guess I will have to make more pointed in my questions. Live and learn. The touch of twist and movement that you attributed to Bark At Me is one of the things that make Fol de Rol work for me. You may have given me an idea for a cross there FDR x BAM. Hmmm I like that. And as I said earlier I asked what you see. So I will still go with my original reply… There is no wrong answer! That is what you saw and I might just learn from the answer. Thanks Rebecca.


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