Waterfall Rainbow

Either I just don’t get it.  Or – the names don’t always have to match up zen perfect to the daylily.   Maybe that should be an and instead of an or !   When push comes to shove – and I am hinting that here and now ( a wee shove when everyone is looking )  it is about the flower.  If the name really matches the flower so much the better.   If the name just serves as a tag that helps everyone talk about the flower, well that works too.   So for today I am going with that second choice.  If you see that first part well go ahead and explain it to me.  You don’t even have to talk slow or use little words.   I will most likely just agree and try to figure it out afterwards.   Or could it be that the rainbow at the waterfall is just an added bonus.  And this flower has an added bonus that on this chilly day is a half step in front of my chilly slow moving brain.  What ever the case I do hope you enjoy this orchid pink flower, rainbow or not.

Waterfall Rainbow

cg waterfall rainbow det

5 thoughts on “Waterfall Rainbow

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    1. John Hric Post author

      zaczarowaneogrody, congratulations on your award ! And thanks so much for the nomination and compliment. I hope you will understand that for now I will pass on this nomination. I will keep it simple and just keep blogging. Thank you.


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