diminutive in yellow

this is a little seedling.  I would put the flower size under 4 inches.  I will have to measure this one this summer.  the reason is simple, this one is a keeper.  this is one of those times to stop wasting words and post one picture.  enjoy

sf13 nutmeg elf Qstn Talon seedling

9 thoughts on “diminutive in yellow

  1. Rebecca

    Color me GREEN! Hopefully I will have some to maiden this summer that will challenge this little “Citrine Jewel” (Already have dibbs on this name!!!)

      1. Rebecca

        “Maiden” Flower for the first time, ever! Most are ITSY BITSY SPIDER crosses and with other small flowered varieties. Working the minis, hard!

      2. Rebecca

        I hope these wee ones give me a few good future breeders. Also h ave a few Mahieu crosses and some with my hakuunensis and other seedlings (f 2 Mahieu seedlings at that!) Still have seed from previous years as well as last year so may not make any crosses this year and I doubt I will have much, if any space for new seedlings. Looks like 2014 will be another heavy Culling year. (to make room for new ones!)

        Btw, is this a NUTMEG ELF seedling? I ask because the filaments are so deep golden orange.

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