a measure of degrees

a measure of degrees between plants not the temperature.  in the garden changing the nature of a certain plant is usually a matter of degrees.  often the change is slight.  both of these two plants are seedlings of Starman’s Quest.  the first seedling has about the same size bloom and height as Starman’s Quest.  the branching might be a slight improvement.  might.  counts will need to be made this summer.  the second flower might have maintained better color than the first seedling.  we will see what kind of height it manages this summer now that it has had time to settle into its new home.  progress is a series of degrees.  some things are gained and some things are lost.  and some times the whole package of all those degrees of pluses and minuses come out a little bit ahead.  the real trick is the ability to notice a certain daylily has come out ahead and to hold onto that plant.

sf13 starman's quest x wtp det brnch sf13 starman's quest x wtp det

sf13 g12-003 starman's quest x stargate portal det

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