find a smokey picture

i could go with that horror script and add a smokey wispy picture to set the mood.  or we could dump that whole bit and fall back to the standard theme.  find a picture.  okay modify it a bit and make it a Smoke Scream seedling.  yes there are still a lot of Smoke Scream seedling hiding not so hidden in the garden.   and for a few nights more they will continue.  they will continue in spite of the fact there are real crocus blooming in the garden.  hmm like the daylily they come in shades of yellow and purple and some white.  then again so do a lot of flowers.  back to the Smoke Scream seedling.  the cross was Diabolique and Smoke Scream.  it bloomed poly ( extra petals ).  actually two of the seedlings of this cross were blooming poly.  so they were crossed with each other again.  the hope is for more frequent poly blooms.  the resulting seedling did bloom poly.  not exclusively, yet it did bloom poly several times.  another one to watch and evaluate in the next year or two.

sf13 diabolique x smoke scream sib cross det

3 thoughts on “find a smokey picture

  1. Rebecca

    Poly -probably from the Diabolique side, but wherever it came from isn’t it lovely?! And a 5 x 5 at that! I love when I get these little surprises!

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