more smoke

this is a seedling of Smoke Scream.  it has a dark purple eye zone and smokey grey purple petals.  the sepals are a more solid purple.  it is a first year seedling, so it may change and mature a little different from how it looks now.  the full cross is  Talon x Eggplant Ecstasy) x (10-089 Diabolique x Smoke Scream).  and this is the flower.   more smoke, more purple.

sf13 12-091 10-006 Talon x Eggplant Ecstasy)x(10-089 Diabolique x Smoke Scream) det



4 thoughts on “more smoke

      1. Rebecca

        No desktop yet, drug out the old , SLOW, laptop! As for BA, I don’t either, just a few of it’s kids!

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