enjoy the day and find a picture

get upp early.  enjoy a good breakfast.  go to Red Cross and donate platelets.  return home and see clear blue skies and temps in the 40s farenheit.  go for 3 hour walk.  short break.  go with wife on 1:45 walk.  try keep up with wife.  repeatedly fall behind.  pass out till now.  find pictures that are not blood root.  everything is 2-3 weeks late.  show other pictures.  find daylily picture.  call it a night.  so here are the not blood root pictures.  something that is the smallest flower ever seen poking from the leaf litter.  and a few and i do mean just a few Colt’s Foot flowers.  and no the daylily is not blooming here today.  just a few crocus are blooming.  no daffs yet either.  and it was one pretty blue sky day !  and yes we are still looking at Smoke Scream seedlings…

tiny tiny flower  colt's foot



sf13 smoke scream x diablolique det

6 thoughts on “enjoy the day and find a picture

  1. ceenoa

    I love crocus, a neighbor gave me some on the birth of my first daughter, 19+ years ago, and even though we have moved twice since then, I still have a few come up in my new gardens, always makes me think of him.
    Thanks you for for liking my post on toadstools, including one daylily. Enjoy your garden, your pics look great.


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