ready, not ready

the daylily garden is getting readier and readier to start blooming.  two plants have bloomed and there are more each day with scapes getting ready to bloom.  there are a couple more getting very close to bloom.  still they are not blooming yet.  the kid is loose in the candy store and he is ready for it to start…   and the answer is calm down and keep gardening.  tonight about 5 more plants from last winter’s moves made it into the ground.  and another 10 or so were staged in another garden.  some of them are a little rough for wear and others look just fine.  time will tell how many of these bloom.  the raspberries are coming along fine.  recovering very nicely from having almost been burned out from the heat last year.  i think they will be tonight’s image.  they have a very vivid texture.  and please pay no attention to the hyper kid in the candy store ….  er garden.  three images

raspberry leaves macro raspberry bloom macro raspberry detail



10 thoughts on “ready, not ready

  1. TamrahJo

    Thanks so much for the ‘daylilly’ pics and info – I was gifted 6 daylilly plants last August and they seem to have fared through the winter well – looking good, but don’t seem to have any blooms – after looking at your pics, I need to go out and inspect them closer! 🙂 Thanks again!

    1. John Hric Post author

      depending on your location and climate you may be ahead, on a similar schedule, or slightly behind schedule in the bloom cycle. I was very surprised when visiting my son and daughter in law’s garden this past week. they are about 120 miles south of us and because of this should be slightly ahead of us in the growth season. Such was not the case. this year they are about the same point as we are. so be patient if you don’t see any scapes yet.

  2. woodlandgnome

    Dear John, Apologies for taking so long to answer your question about the cultivar of daylily Easy to Grow Bulbs included in my order as a bonus. It is Bonanza, and is supposed to grow to around 34″. It is still in its pot against our western wall, and shows growth now into three separate fans. The leaves are still pretty narrow and spindly looking, and only about 6″ high. Is this normal for a bare root start? Do you know Bonanza? I’ve carried the card around in my pocket for a solid week, and finally managed to get as far as the computer with it 😉 So glad your daylillies are opening now. Am looking forward to the photos. Best wishes, WG

    1. John Hric Post author

      WG – no apology needed. Bonanza is an oldie registered in 1994,,, hmm not so old. I have it here. I will take a look at the plant and see how full the leaves are. Some are skinnier or fuller than others. Almost all daylilies are sent bare root from my experience. The only time I have seen potted plants is when they are for sale at a nursery. I will let you know what I find with Bonanza.

      1. woodlandgnome

        Thank you, John. I took a photo of it a few days back and would like to email it to you. I am hoping to find a place where it can grow in peace- Best wishes, WG

    1. John Hric Post author

      the answer is that everything is on its own schedule this spring, early, late, on time, and very very early in the case of the autumn raspberries. yum !


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