more from the surprise

this is another of the daylilies unexpectedly found at the garden we visited.  the daylily is called Yum Yum Plum.  i find the name itself quite nifty and whimsical.  the fact that it is a cross involving Paper Butterfly adds a bit of knowledge to the story.  and it gives me a bit of background to consider in my thoughts to cross it with Moonlit Masquerade.  And if i want to find out a little more i can look up the history of Right On the other parent of Yum Yum Plum.  it slowly becomes a garden puzzle of the mind.  each little bit adds a dimension to the plant you are dreaming to bring together.  the farther back the history of parents and grand parents can be traced the more clues are added to the picture.  and for now enough of dreaming and time for a picture or two.  Yum Yum Plum…  enjoy

yum yum plum OBX NC macro yum yum plum OBX NC det

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