find a picture ?

i vaguely remember this concept.  i might even remember what comes next…    that was a dramatic pause.  if you heard the creaking of rusty hinges you’re not imagining things…  i have a rusty trap that is a lot like a brain.  now back to that picture.  this is Neverending Summer introduced by Dave Winter.  his garden is not far from mine.  and now this lovely grows in this garden.  it was planted here last fall.  it is known to rebloom.  yes it goes with the name.  next summer i hope to see it do just that…   unless it gets inspired this summer….  patience grasshopper…   two images

Neverending Summer


Neverending Summer macro


6 thoughts on “find a picture ?

  1. Tania Tome M de Castro

    I liked your post with flowers with diferente colors!

    I would like to invite you to visit my blog: ARt_Brazil_Tania!



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