some day…lilies

some daylilies i know without looking at the name tag.  they are so striking, or i am so taken, or both that the name is remembered without any effort.  some i remember because of their season, whether they open, or close, or define the early, middle, or late bloom season.  some i remember  because of the dreams and possibilities they carry as a seedling.  some daylilies i remember because of their place in the garden.  some i remember because of their size or shape.  some daylilies i remember because i have taken a picture of the flower and paired it with a picture of the name tag.  and given brief respite to a mind overflowing with daylilies.  and some daylilies i enjoy because they are precious little things.  timeless beauties even though the fancies of the daylily world would have seemed to move on to other fascinations.  this is one of those.  a small flower for the front edge of the garden.  Siloam Ethel Smith, a 3.25 inch 8.3 cm bloom on a 20 inch 51 cm plant.  some daylily.  some beauty.  since 1981.  does she smirk much the same as Mona ?  you decide.  three  images.

siloam ethel smith det

siloam ethel smith macro


siloam ethel smith IMG_4922 tag

8 thoughts on “some day…lilies

  1. coloradokiddaylilies

    I can relate to the names. When I put in my big patch with mostly Roberts spiders, I got metal name plates and sprayed with engine spray. Also made a map. I have one corner where a few got swapped and I need to go straighten that out one of these days . . . Or, wait until they bloom.

  2. aheikkinen

    Ooh ! This one looks very much like the one I have in my garden which I have no idea of what it is called. Perhaps I can call mine ‘Siloam Ethel Smith’ ? !

    1. John Hric Post author

      What daylily is this ? is a very popular game. If it is the height of the scape should be around 20 in.(51 cm). And the bloom 3.25 in.(8 cm) across. Either way you can call it Siloam Ethel Smith if you like. Or you can come up with your own garden name for it. Our six year old granddaughter loves to come up with her own names for them. Thanks for stopping by aheikkinen.


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