seedlings and seedlings

two generations.  both with late bloom.  both mostly yellow.  the first is a plant that has been crossed with lots of things.  it is a trumpet shaped bloom.  it is tall in the four foot range.  the second is a seedling of the first.  so they will look a bit similar.  mostly images that i will use to see a little of what this new seedling is doing.  one day’s observation is just a small slice of what a plant will do during a bloom season.  four images

11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret

volcon fuego x 11-0730-A DI x AM branching

volcon fuego x 11-0730-A DI x AM  IMG_5805

volcon fuego x 11-0730-A DI x AM  IMG_5804 side view

3 thoughts on “seedlings and seedlings

  1. The Road to Joy

    Is the yellow color of a daylily dominant and the orange recessive, or do the genetics work a different way? Day lily gardeners can’t deny the coming of a new, cooler season with these slight but sure changes every day, can you?

    1. John Hric Post author

      Daylily genetics are not simple. There are theories about dominant genes. I have yet to see anything that covers the wider range. The more I experiment the less I am inclined to believe it is a simple rule. As for the changing of the seasons, it comes. Overall bloom is in retreat and getting ready for fall. However there are some sentinels that will mark the passing of the season. So bloom is not done yet. I will not predict in this unusual season, merely observe and enjoy.


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