not the purple seedling

this is a seedling.  a sibling of a purple seedling.  most often a brown seedling is not considered a choice to make.  perhaps not a choice over a purple sibling.  just a choice along side a purple sibling.  sometimes we just have to watch the unexpected and see what might come of it.  a brown seedling where no brown seedling was expected.  indeed a seedling where no purple seedling was expected.  12-140 Golliwog x Walking the Pattern a yellow flower crossed with a yellow pink poly chrome flower.  one purple seedling and one brown seedling.  where will they go ?  two images

12-140 Golliwog x Walking the Pattern  macro brown 12-140 Golliwog x Walking the Pattern det brown


3 thoughts on “not the purple seedling

    1. John Hric Post author

      Clare, thank you for the suggestion. actually i prefer to let the daylily do its own enticing. bronze or brown. i am interested to see how it develops and what the genetics reveal in the next couple of generations. to me the biggest surprise is that two basically yellow parents produced both purple and brown flowers in the next generation.


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