playing with pollen

that is what i do in the garden.  and this flower is one whose pollen has been played with.  if you put Smoke Scream into the search box, well be prepared for several reads.  have something good to sip for you might be busy for a while.  from one day to another the temperature can change this from a red purple to a blue purple.  and no matter the shade i find this flower and its children interesting.  try the search to see where the children of this flower have gone.  three images

smoke scream det 001

smoke scream det 001 a

smoke scream macro 001

2 thoughts on “playing with pollen

  1. The Road to Joy

    I could only find the blue violet one, but it’s a beauty, just as this one is. You’d think at least one would have a homely-looking child, but no, beauty just seems to abound among day lilies!


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