some plants arrive when it is not a good time to plant.  often this means they will go into a temporary pot until they can be placed in the garden.  there are two new plants doing just that from this summer.  then there is this plant.  it ended up spending the summer and a winter in a pot.  finally this spring someone remembered to find it a spot in the garden.  the flower is Titanic Tower.  it is recent plant, it has been around for about 8 years, a 2006 release by the grower.  it is also a southern plant so as it moves north the general expectation is the branching and bud count may be somewhat reduced.  time will tell how much the flower likes it here up north.  the plant should grow to 42 inches 107 cm and a 10 in 26.5 cm bloom.  the second image would seem to indicate this year’s bloom came close to the registered bloom size.  two images

titanic tower  det

titanic tower  det IMG_0751


5 thoughts on “storage

  1. The Road to Joy

    I’m rather new to your blog and would enjoy hearing about how you preserve your lilies over the winter. Do you have a greenhouse? In spring, do you separate bulbs that have wintered outside? I’m only familiar with iris, tulips, and daffodils, and have limited experience with them to boot. I’m very interested in your beautiful lily gardens, though, and how you manage in the climate of northeastern Ohio!

    1. John Hric Post author

      The daylilies are well adapted to the climate. No greenhouse. they are planted in the ground, get no special treatment. a plant can remain undisturbed for years. my challenge is not to plant them too close to each other. so they do not crowd each other out. glad you enjoy the daylilies. please feel free to ask questions. and just to clarify – though they share similar names the daylily and the lily are two completely separate types of plants.

      1. The Road to Joy

        Thank you for this wonderful and surprising information. My father had beautiful yellow daylilies, but I did not know they were totally different from lilies–probably because we never had any of those! I can see why you enjoy them.

  2. Crooked Tracks

    A few years ago, we moved and tried to take some lilies with us, but they stayed too long out of the ground, I think, and they did not survive. I am hoping to start more lilies in the spring.


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