pleasant surprises

sometimes sideways is not needed.  though for as many crosses were made before seeds took and a flower bloomed we might file this one under slow and eventually steady progress.  this is another seedling.  little rainbow’s big sister (an unregistered seedling) x Teddy Bear’s Picnic.  the seedling has the garden name little rainbow’s big sister because it has a similar yellow on pink poly chrome to its name sake.  and like the name it is bigger and unlike its name sake it is a tetraploid not a diploid.  and unlike the hoped for results with yesterday’s flower this one did come out skinnier !  some day this might get skinnier yet.  for now this is progress.  Teddy Bear’s Picnic is a descendent of Trahlyta.  a flower that can produce skinny spidery children  one image.  11-086 little rainbow's big sister x Teddy Bear's Picnic det


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