driving home with willie in the bicycle lane

yes it has been that kind of a night….   my cousin Erin and her husband Ryan got married tonight…. does it get any  better ?  best wishes to them both.  we left the event in great spirits.  you figure out the details…  it is a wonderful night.  it was a tad befuddling working out the directions.   Rt 2 kept dodging and weaving still that was not an issue.  downtown was escaped!  detroit ave. with its bicycle lane was good with Willie Nelson and the route home.  maybe i did not love you as much as i should have…..   and i will keep working on that part….    and all is well.  here is a flower for the newly weds and t very blessed future….

cs x ss det cs x ss macro 002

3 thoughts on “driving home with willie in the bicycle lane

  1. John Hric Post author

    Thank you Michelle ! Yes you are the person to ask…! life is a series of events to be endured and when at all possible to be embraced and if still possible to be enjoyed.


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