a red seedling

one that may not be back next year.  it is a simple seedling in an open star form.  it is one that could be explored and crossed.  and if there were a little more room here that just might happen.  and who is to know what might be found on such a journey ?  i doubt that i shall ever know.  the odds for this one here are low.  it is in a side garden on the far side of the house.   most likely another plant that did not quite get selected will take its place.  still it is quite the pretty thing.  just not a pretty thing that will stay here long.  change is a part of this garden.  actually a part of most gardens.  and change can be embraced and enjoyed too.

red seedling open star det


7 thoughts on “a red seedling

  1. woodlandgnome

    A beautiful one… hope you find room… Thought of you as I was reading the new issue of “Garden Gate” magazine. They have an interesting piece on day lily hybrids. Have you seen it yet? Best wishes, WG

  2. clarepooley33

    This is a beautiful flower in a pretty shade. I don’t think I would make a success of breeding new hybrids – I couldn’t part with any of them and I’d be over-whelmed!


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