flowers by Ralph

one of the members of our local daylily club also grows and selects his own plants from seed. some of his other flowers have shown up here.   this one is called Phylly Marlene and is named for his lovely wife.  a pink flower with a pink halo.  is there any better compliment to one’s spouse than a pretty flower ?  two images.

phylly marlene macro phylly marlene det

6 thoughts on “flowers by Ralph

  1. Dan Antion

    Very pretty. The light streaks that divide the large petals don’t seem to be present on the smaller ones. Is that the case (or just my eyes)? Is that normal (if it is the case)?

    1. John Hric Post author

      Dan, The light streaks are often called midribs. I don’t see them on the sepals either ( back petals ). Some flowers have the lighter midrib and some don’t. As for the sepals having the streak. Sometimes – it just depends on the plant. There are so many varieties I am not sure normal is the right word.


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