and variety.  i have quite a few daylilies.  and i try to show as many of them as is possible.  not just the ones that hold my fascination today.  those that are here and show what has held other gardener’s fascination over the years.  each of the named daylilies that appear was chosen by a gardener.  to them the flower was special.  worthy to be shared with others.  this flower is one of those.  in 1987 it turned some heads.  since then the fancy of the daylily world has turned.  it has moved on in some ways.  that does not change the daylily… it just changes what some people chase.  Ocean Rain.   two images

ocean rain macro ocean rain det


5 thoughts on “wander

  1. Delores Malcomson

    Reblogged this on ishidee and commented:
    Just look at this gorgeous creation! I thought that it is an orchid, but, it is, actually, a day lily. What a surprise to me. The name of it is “Ocean Rain”—-what a strange name, I wonder how it got it? In any case, it it absolutely beautiful! If you love flowers, you will enjoy following A North East Ohio Garden blog.


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