a flower from Riverbend Gardens

this is a flower from Bellbrook Ohio.  it is a welcome addition to our garden.   it is a cross of several different seedlings one of which is a converted tetraploid version of Skinwalker.  it is a big flower.  the plant stands about 50 in 127 cm tall  and the bloom if you were to lay it flat would be over 12 in 30.48 cm across.  so far no pollen here has set a seed pod on it.  then again its unconverted diploid counterpart is just as stubborn so that is not much of a surprise.  however the pollen from this flower has landed on many flowers and set many a seed.  a seedling for seedlings.  two images

sh b110 tet skinwalker sdlg IMG_1258 macro sh b110 tet skinwalker sdlg IMG_1258


4 thoughts on “a flower from Riverbend Gardens

    1. John Hric Post author

      daylilies come in many sizes, from 2 inch flowers to 12 inch and beyond. it all comes down to the genetics of the parents. the next generation can go in one direction or another. it can be a quick journey or a slow one. i have crossed small flowers to large flowers and gotten large flowers. i am fairly sure the opposite is possible too. it is at the large end of the spectrum. i am not sure family is the right word. there are about 16 species of hemerocalis. they all have been inter-crossed and some have also been converted from their natural diploid state ( 22 chromosomes) to tetraploid ( 44 chromosomes). this one has been converted. the extra chromosomes tend to reinforce certain characteristics and can result in larger plants and flowers. though there are large diploids too. they are a very diverse plant. i hope i answered your question.


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