found another one…

found another one that i have missed until now.   i am usually surprised at what flowers have not graced the pages of this blog.  and how long i have skipped over them.  it mainly comes down to time and human nature.  i try to post a picture each day.  and i try to remember which ones i have accidentally skipped.  eventually some of those skipped daylilies may their way back to the top of the list.  welcome to the top of the list Graces of Ganymede.  a yellow flower with delicate red markings.  and just maybe something to do with the largest moon in the solar system..  two images

graces of ganymede macro graces of ganymede det


10 thoughts on “found another one…

    1. John Hric Post author

      I am very glad you enjoy it ! The answer is too many and not enough. Too many for my yard, and not enough for how much I enjoy them. I have about 550 registered daylilies. Mostly plants created by other daylily growers. I also have twice as many seedlings that were crossed here in our garden. Each year about 550 seeds are planted. And at the end of three years terrible and wonderful decisions are made. Some of those 550 seedlings stay ( a few ) and the rest must go. As for winter prep you really don’t need to do anything. We trim the folliage down to about 6 inches 15.24 cm. However this is just for our own convenience. It is easier than cleaning up in the spring

      1. The Road to Joy

        Thank you for your detailed answer, John. It sounds like such a peaceful way to spend your days. I recall asking you about winter prep before, but could hardly believe it was so easy and just wanted to hear you say it again! I love your blog–daylilies are soothing to the soul.

  1. dbp49

    This bloom was well worth waiting for, and your choice of the word “delicate” when describing the red markings was perfect (properly chosen words are as much a joy to my life as are your flowers). I can never tell you enough How much enjoyment and serenity the images of your garden has brought into my life. I thank you.

  2. John Hric Post author

    I am very glad you enjoy it. I try not to use too much hyperbole when describing the flowers. better to say too little than too much. i figure a garden is best shared. hearing that these flowers bring you serenity is quite the compliment. and i must admit that is often the reason for my returning to the garden…daily ! you are very very welcome !


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