freckles ?

funny what gets overlooked.  i am guessing the freckles have always been there.  and that i am just slow to notice.  and given this presentation i just might overlook them again.  Mildred Mitchell, try not to let the freckles distract you …  three images

mildred mitchel clump

mildred mitchel macro mildred mitchel det





7 thoughts on “freckles ?

  1. John Hric Post author

    very cool. makes me glad i moved it to a spot where it is a little less crowded and it can show its stuff. there are several sections of the garden where things are a bit too crowded and it kinda looks like an over packed curio cabinet, just a blooming one. Mildred Mitchell was buried with taller plants all around it. then again you will have that when the garden moves forward and the grass retreats. thanks Dan !

  2. dbp49

    It’s become quite the habit for me to start my day by checking out one of you beautiful blooms. I just wanted to thank you for the great photos, and for all the work I’m certain you put into the maintenance of that wonderful garden. It really is appreciated, and I’m sure it’s enjoyed by many. Thanks again John.

    1. John Hric Post author

      Thanks. It is some work. Though perhaps not as much as you think. The majority of my work when the line of grass retreats and the line of the garden advances. Then all of the shorter plants that were at the front line of the garden suddenly end up a row or two back from the front line. There are weeds though once summer comes the daylilies tend to shade them out. Besides in the off season I have just as much need to see one each day !


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