where old daylilies come from

old daylilies come from old gardens and some garden centers.  and way way way back when they too came from a place like here…  someone’s seedling bed.  they began their journey as a little wisp of a seedling.  they might have been fussed over more or less deciding to share their daylily with someone else.  and eventually they did share their flower with the rest of us.  and through luck and good fortune some of them have made it to this day and to our gardens.  this old daylily came from a garden in Texas if my memory is correct.  i am sure the route it took to get to this garden was anything but direct.  The name of the daylily is D.R. Mckeithan.  it has been around since 1955.  it is pretty enough to be around a lot longer…  two images

seedling bed IMG_0596

dr mckeithan two



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