learning to look

always keep your learner’s permit handy.  this is a rule for life that can even be used in the garden.  this is a seedling that is on its way to a memory.  it was not flagged for keeping.  it was not tagged when the image was captured.  and now having looked at it again some of those choices are regretted.  then again there is the choice of ripping out the last shred of grass from the yard.  or to say it simply i would need a bigger yard for this geometrically increasing daylily collection.  back to the flower.  i like the flow and pulse of color even if the shape of this flower is mostly round and compact.  two images…

unknown orange red 12-000 sdlg macro unknown orange red 12-000 sdlg det


8 thoughts on “learning to look

    1. John Hric Post author

      I must agree with you on that point Hilary ! The trick is remembering to look and enjoy those moments. Especially when all of the pretty neighbors are blooming too !

      Thanks !

  1. dbp49

    I love the bloom enough to tell you that the nasty little ant on it’s lower left petal simply must go. I worry about each of your lovely flowers, and see them each as cherished friends. Therefore, BEGONE little ant. Find your food elsewhere. Lol.

      1. dbp49

        That’s a relief, I was having visions of your entire garden being reduced to something resembling the Mojave Desert in a mere matter of hours. I mean that ant looked hungry. Lol.

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