find the picture…. and …  well after the picture it varies.  once the picture is found there is a flower to share.   the simple part of the ‘and’ is not to get in the way of the flower.  or try not to get in the way.  the flower has more to tell, believe it or not.  so what are tonight’s few words ?  they are about a seedling.  most seedlings are what could be called first steps.  rare is the seedling that exceeds both parent plants.  it is the first step of what might be two or more crosses that just might lead to something that will stop you in your tracks.  so while many crosses are pretty they are not that elusive show stopper.  so before the words do get in the way here is a seedling.  a sibling cross that is looking for that next step…  two images and part of the previous step

11-004B HPF X SS #2 X HPF X SS macro 11-004B HPF X SS #2 X HPF X SS det




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