are we there yet ?

that is a question more often heard in the car, not in the garden.  so why now ?  well it is about patience.  daylilies are perennials, plants that come back year after year.  and usually they bloom the very first year.  this is in spite of the delivery.  the majority of daylilies are delivered by mail and arrive bare root.  they do not come in a nifty little pot.  and their growth has been interrupted by a rude uprooting from the soil.  and even if they were to arrive in a pot they are a perennial.  one who’s growth pattern reaches its peak in the third year.  so the second year of bloom is usually better.  and the third year and on should be even better.  this flower is the first year bloom after a bare root delivery.  and the answer to the question, just be patient we are not there yet !  two images…  and the flower is Queen Cobra

queen cobra det queen cobra macro


3 thoughts on “are we there yet ?

  1. clarepooley33

    Gardeners have to learn patience. The better the gardener, the more patient he/she is and vice versa. The world would be a better place if everyone gardened. This lily has made a good start – very pretty!

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