difference like day and night

when things go clump in the night, that is usually not a good thing.  during the day and particularly in the garden when things go clump it is a good thing.  this is a picture of several daylilies blooming together… often referred to as a clump….  the darker red up front is Red Suspenders, in back to the right is Woman’s Scorn.  two images

red suspenders clump


red suspenders macro


7 thoughts on “difference like day and night

    1. John Hric Post author

      littledogslaughed – I am glad you enjoy them. and thanks for your comment. there are lots of gardens in NC where you can see them. search daylilies north carolina and you will find several gardens and daylily clubs. most of the gardens have reasonably priced daylilies you can enjoy. don’t be shocked by the pricey ones. if you ever get hooked on daylilies you can worry about those then. thanks again john


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